I have never…

I have never… bought tickets the minute they go on sale.

No big deal? I think you’ll find that this was one of the most stressful things I’ve ever had to do.

Every year I see the same Facebook statuses about Reading, Leeds, V etc and the rush to buy tickets as soon as they go on sale: “Can’t cope with Ticketmaster crashing!!”, “Is See Tickets loading for anyone else??!!!1!!11” Get a grip please. But on Saturday, my time came and I had to become one of those people, staring at the screen like a maniac to get my hands on two bits of paper.

They went on sale at 9am on Saturday morning, so I set my alarm for 8:30am. YES, I SACRIFICED A LIE-IN FOR THIS. It was only because this was a big tour and I knew that there would be a LOT of people wanting to go and see this band. But I was ready to buy them as soon as they were available so surely it would have been an easy two minute job and then I could go back to sleep? Erm, no.

This is pretty much how my morning went:

8:50am: checked Ticketmaster and See Tickets to see if they were on sale because apparently tickets can go on sale a couple of minutes before the announced sale time – this is not true.

8:55am: a hashtag about this tour is already trending worldwide on Twitter even though it’s only a UK tour. Great.

9:00am: the tickets are officially on sale! Being a naive idiot, I only have one tab open for one of the dates on Ticketmaster and can’t understand how I’m still not on the purchasing screen when I clicked on buy tickets the second it turned 9 o clock.

9:05am: I now have six tabs open of Ticketmaster and See Tickets for two different dates in London and one in Liverpool.

9:07am: still staring at six loading screens. Checking Twitter and hating all the smug people who have gotten their tickets. “Ticketmaster” is now trending and I feel like the festival ticket buyers I see on my Facebook. Getting increasingly infuriated and stressed out. Hating the stupid websites. Hating my life. WHAT IF THEY SELL OUT?!

9:10am: AAAHH one of the See Tickets pages has finally loaded!

9:12am: I have bought the tickets! I got really good seats and life is great once more but I am never, ever doing that again.

9:20am: back to sleep.

See you at the O2 Arena in February 2013, you beautiful people:

Photo: Celebuzz


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