I have never…

I have never… Seen a scary movie at the cinema before. (The woman in black.)

Most people have been eagerly anticipating the release of the thriller/ghost story ‘The Woman in black’ starring Daniel Radcliffe.

I however have not.  I’ve seen a handful of scary films in the past, mostly jumpy slasher flicks involving unsuspecting teens, those I can deal with, but the real thing that chills me to the bone are ghosts ‘The Others’ and ‘the sixth sense’ all rated 12, these have scared me more than any 18 rated blood and guts fest. I have also never gone to see a scary movie at the cinema before, the thought of having the image so big and not being able to escape from it has never appealed to me, but I had heard the play of woman in black was amazing, and also being a die hard Harry Potter fan, I wanted to see Daniel Radcliffe in his latest venture and didn’t want to wait for the DVD release. So I agreed to go and see it at the cinema this week with my flatmate, and I also made a small bet with myself to see if I could stick it out to the end!

I always get really fidgety before movies in the cinema, mostly excitement, and sugar rush from whatever fizzy beverage I’ve purchased, but I’m unusually antsy this time, I am excited, but I keep whispering I’m scared to my Flatmate next to me.

It starts quite well, there’s a small shock at the beginning, but it’s a bit predictable, so it doesn’t make me jump.

This doesn’t last long, within 15 minutes Daniel is wandering through a creepy abandoned house on an island, and turns on the tap. I jump out of the seat and scream, no one else around me screams, and no one else around me looks at all amused.

Daniels plays the part of a lawyer and father, who has lost his wife, I find this very hard to believe as he still has the face of a 16 year old, and is only about five foot tall.

It takes 5 minutes for my next loud scream and jump, this time at a crow flying into the room, I start to think I’m just expecting to be terrified, so try and compose myself a bit

It takes a while for the suspense to really kick in, but when it does.. Oh boy does it. There seems to be some shock or jump every few seconds, I start to find the pressure a bit much, but decide to stick it out.

5 minutes later, and I’m just covering my eyes and looking at the floor, I carry on doing this for a good 20 minutes, sinking right down into my seat, waiting for any sort of calm music as a sign that everything is okay, and some creepy shrivelled face isn’t going to loom out at me.

After a while it feels like there are so many shocks and scares that you become a bit accustomed to them, I stop covering my eyes, and can tell by listening to the music if something really bad is going to happen, right at the end I stop even doing this, however, like all scary films, it does get a bit more sinister at the end, and there’s one massive fright that nearly had me running for the door, and I think I finally heard someone else in the cinema actually scream.

After watching it I feel fine and I realise, although creepy in places, it’s not one of those films that really sticks with you and makes you check your shadow every time you think of it, it’s just full of lots of shocks, and things that are so stereotypically creepy you don’t hold them in your head. But I am still proud of myself for staying till the end, as I would have been quite happy to bolt in a few places.

I think the film in itself was brilliant, with beautiful aesthetics and production value, I don’t think Daniel was entirely right for the part, but you can tell that he has come into his own as an actor, and will definitely not always be known as ‘Harry Potter.’ It was also very fun to watch, with no scene lingering on too long, or pointless dialogue to move the story on.

I will not be going to see a scary movie at the cinema again anytime soon, mainly because after I left I slightly resented paying 7 quid to spend most of the time covering my eyes and whimpering, but if you’re after a bit of a thrill I would definitely recommend going to see Woman in black.


5 comments on “I have never… Seen a scary movie at the cinema before. (The woman in black.)

  1. deckshoes
    March 1, 2012

    Saw the play in London a few years ago, and also saw the 1989 film recently. They added a twist to the play but both were scary.

  2. Jeyna Grace
    March 1, 2012

    The first time i watch a scary movie in the cinema, it became the last scary movie i saw in the cinema. It was a mistake watching the ring 2. LOL

  3. I agree completely about the ghost thing. So much worse than slasher flicks. My only scary movie cinema experience was seeing Black Swan last year and I screamed the place down. That night I swore I’d never go to one again, but I soon found myself recommending the film to everyone I knew and kind of wanting to give scary films another go. This one sounds great.

  4. Never Done Stuff
    March 1, 2012

    I think if you liked Black swan it’s sort of similar? i think joe might like it, it is hard to deal with Dan Radcliffe at first though, i did actually go and see Black swan in the cinema, but i wasn’t expecting it to be a scary as it was, so it didn’t really have the same affect? it was more shocking.

  5. Robbie
    June 16, 2012

    Very good review

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