I have never…

I have never….eaten Crocodile meatballs and Kangaroo beef.

What is the most romantic restaurant you can go to with your boyfriend for lunch?
Well, if you are not a Gossip Girl kind of couple, you aren’t  thinking about drink champagne which costs 1000 £ and you want to try something different and exotic, the “Archipelago” restaurant is the perfect place for you.


Walking along Whitfield Street, where the restaurant was supposed to be, I didn’t know what to expect. I tried to imagine the kind of place I was “forcing” my boyfriend to come along, but, trust me, not even one idea in my mind was close to what we actually saw.

The restaurant was small and cosy filled with thousands and thousands of knick-knacks belonged to every possible culture from all over the world. Next to the main entrance, for example, a big statue of Buddha was smiling at us while African masks and colourful tapestries were hanging all over on the walls.
I felt like I was in a flea market more than in a restaurant and I couldn’t stop myself from staring at everything in a daze.

A young and smiley waitress woke me up from my amazement and she showed us our table. I sat on a big armchair paying attention not to ruin the wonderful pillows that were on it and we started looking at our parchments – menus.
We eventually decided to order a ‘sharing plate’ thinking that the best idea was to try a bit of everything. Obviously the crocodile meatballs and the kangaroo beef immediately caught our attention!

Once, I watched a documentary on TV about a man who had eaten a crocodile.
He was telling the presenter that it tasted like chicken, although the presenter was probably too disgusted to actually listen to him.
But “disgusting” is the last word I would use to describe our tasting experience.
The crocodile meatballs were a perfect compromise between fish and meat, tasty, still delicate. Yes, I was quite afraid to put that apparently harmless meatball in my mouth but when I did I couldn’t think of anything better!

Crocodile Meatballs.

After that, we decided to try the coconut rice and sour mango noodles to have a short break before the second weirdest (and most delicious) tasting experience of our lives.
The kangaroo beef had a stronger taste and was spicier than the crocodile but what actually surprised me was its juicy tenderness; something I had never experienced  before.

Kangaroo beef.


I looked at my boyfriend hoping that he wasn’t damning me too much but I suddenly realised that he was eating with relish!
Trust me, if you are able to forget that you are actually eating a crocodile or a kangaroo you’ll have the best meal ever.



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Freelance reporter interested in human rights, politics and culture.

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