I have never…

I have never…been pickpocketed.

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Well, I have now and let me tell you, I never want it to happen again. It’s not traumatic or anything because you don’t realise it’s being done to you but it’s something that most people will experience and something that really changes the way you view your belongings.

I’m going to take some blame though, it wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t so careless with my oyster card holder (in which I put my bank card, student ID, oyster and the worst of all, my precious Boots card) it probably wouldn’t have happened.

Sure, all replacable, but it was the days until I got them replaced which gave me the real “trauma” and here some the reasons why:

  1. I hate cash. I am the last person who will ever have cash. I use my card everyday. I love my card. So not being able to use my beloved card was difficult, having to rely on my boyfriend or going to the bank for money was just… not ideal really. Not only was it not being able to use my money, it was also that I have now had to change the details on the internet and itunes, so quick shopping has disappeared into nothing and buying a song on the go has turned into a difficulty, not a pleasure. All because I left my holder in my pocket.
  2. It has cost me a lot to replace everything. That’s one thing that really bugs me, you get stolen from and then you have to go through daylight robbery just to replace a card. £10 each card (bank card not included in that) but then you have to wait and wait and wait and it’s just awful.

I just can’t seem to grasp why people do it, I even witnessed someone attempt to do it the next day, and really hoped it wasn’t her who took my things.  She slyly put her hand IN someone’s bag, luckily the person she had targeted saw, but what if she hadn’t? Would she be in the same situation as me? Yes.

They try to blend in and try to be quick and smooth but what happens when you get caught? Mostly they just run and even though it’s theft- do people really go to prison for it? What can they even do with my cards? Go on a shopping spree in Boots with my £24 worth of points, get 20% off with my Bite card..or even go into my uni? It just doesn’t make sense.

I think it’s quite easy to stop being a target for pickpocketers with a few simple steps:

  • Don’t put your important belongings in pockets that are open ie no zips. They’ll see it and they’ll swipe it. Like me, you’ll be an easy target.


  • Don’t “flash your cash” around just to try and seem cool, it’s not cool to be a victim of theft.


  • Always keep your belongings in safe, closed areas where they cannot be reached by people..if you need to, keep your phone in your hand.


  • Always be aware and never feel too safe. If you think there’s a suspicious person around, move away.

I wish I could say “I have never been pickpocketed” but c’est la vie, however follow the steps that I should have take and always be on guard because there’s always a desperate person waiting to pounce.


About Genevieve Torabi

A writer who is enchanted by people, places and problems. A Londoner at heart, Genevieve has spent time in New York where she was inspired by the people she had encountered whilst interning at various publications.

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